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Every service offered has been thought out in great detail and is also the results of feedback from  international students.

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Today, AfriqCan makes the dream of studying in Canada more accessible to international students, the dream to ensure that other international applicants are not subjected to the same despair experienced by many international students when they come for the first time to Canada.

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Success Stories


I really admire the Canadian Education System because there are opportunities out there for everyone. I really love the fact that I was able to work and go to school at the same time as an international student which was a great advantage for me. What I really loved about the university of Ottawa was its diversity and sense of community. There are so many people I met and that helped me grow and enjoy my University experience. The University Of Ottawa will definitely be your home away from home.

Nelly Nga Nga, Cameroon

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Success Stories


I’m currently a clinical molecular geneticist in one of the biggest pathology department in Toronto. My journey to Toronto began few years in Montreal; more precisely at Cegep Jean-de-Brébeuf, where I studied nature sciences for two years. I further pursued my passion for sciences at Université de Montréal (UdeM) where I studied biochemistry. UdeM is one of the top rated French universities in the world; the quality of the programs offered, particularly in sciences is very well recognized. University can be very challenging; my past experience at Cegep Jean-de-Brébeuf definitively facilitated my integration in this new world and helped me blend into the program right from the beginning. I completed my undergrads with a bachelor in Biochemistry and then began with a master and a doctorate in biochemistry with a concentration in human genomics also at UdeM. This allowed me to acquire more expertize in biochemistry with a special focus on the molecular bases of human diseases. It was also a great opportunity to participate in research activities; my PhD thesis led to the publication of several scientific research articles. My work was also funded by different scholarships; grants and awards also funded my work. With the knowledge acquired from my 5 years experience of master and PhD in human genomics, I was able to enter a 2 years postdoctoral fellowship in clinical genetics. This program was a perfect fit to my interests for molecular genetics. The path to my current position was definitively not an easy one; I believe that my determination and my passion for sciences were key assets in my achievements.

Anonymous  from Benin

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My Name is Johan Capo-chichi and I am the founder of AfriqCan.
Living in Canada, we sometimes take for granted the difficulties faced by international students when trying to further their education within the Canadian educational system. Having lived in Canada for 10 years, being a student at the University of Ottawa and also working within the educational system, it became apparent to me that international applicants are subjected to a great deal of stress throughout their application process and offered little to no support during their transition to Canada.
Being sensitized to these issues, I was eager to create various services that would minimize the stress that international students face during their application process and once they arrive to Canada. I am confident that my acquired knowledge of the Canadian educational system will aid me in successfully helping international students with their application and transition to Canada
Every service offered has been thought out in great detail and are also the results of feedback from various international students
AfriqCan is created by an African for the success of Africans within the Canadian educational system.

Johan Capo-chichi
[email protected]

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